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One day in 2004, 3 of us - all mates - were having a general chat about life, as you do, and we got to the topic of shirts here in New Zealand. All three of us had lived overseas where selection, price and the ability to buy on-line meant that shirt shopping was actually a pleasure. However back here the choice and cost of shirts meant we were just not buying them on a regular basis. And we were sure we weren't the only ones who felt like this.

The landscape was changing in the way men were dressing.

We noticed that while a lot of guys here would still rather cut off their arm than go clothes shopping there was an increasing awareness of fashion amongst guys. And back then, while you could pay the earth for a designer number, or grab a low cost, low quality item that lasted about as long as a pork chop in the sun, there was nothing for the guys who wanted to look good but didn't have to pay the earth for it.

So we decided to put our money where our mouths were and established 3 Wise Men with just a few but very important rules:

The Rules

  • Make it easy for people to buy 3 Wise Men by making quality fashionable gear at affordable prices.
  • Always have strong online offers, as well as welcoming and well-stocked stores with awesome staff offering great service.
  • Keep everything simple. Especially pricing. We started with all our shirts $99 each or 3 for $249. Today, nothing's changed - much to the ongoing disappointment of our accountant.
  • Ensure all our shirts are made of the softest, richest 100% double ply cotton and make sure everything we make wears beautifully and is made to last.
  • GBR. This stands for Good Buggers Rule. We like good buggers. We try to be good buggers. We try to work with good buggers. It seems to work. Many of our staff and customers have been with us since the start. They're good buggers. And they rule.
  • Go the extra mile. On everything. Check out the contrast materials in our shirts, the Argentinean red leather soles on our shoes or the signature linings of our suits.
  • Don't follow fashion. Lead it. We've always described our style as as Traditional with a Twist which means you'll always look good in 3 Wise Men.
  • Have fun.

These days we still religiously follow these rules even as our range and store numbers have increased. So as we look forward to the next decade in business, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for yours.

All the Best.

At 3 Wise Men, we are all shirtnuts. In fact we are nuts about all mensgear and would love to share some of little nuggets and gems of information with you. If you want to know what to wear with what, how to wear it, where to buy it and how much to pay for it all then register here. In return, we will endeavour to send you stuff that hits the spot. If we miss the spot then you can ditch us any time you like. Go on - give us a burn.

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