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Dress shoes is a term used by some to identify a smarter pair of shoes. The original purpose of the dress shoe was to wear them with your number ones. We think a dress shoe could be any one of our collection so here is a few we have selected to step forward in.
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Having a superb pair of men's dress shoes is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. A dress shoe is characterised by the shoelace eyelets tabs attached under the vamp, we call it "closed lacing". Despite actually originating in Scotland and being called Balmorals, the toffs at Oxford University nicked the idea and gave it a new name - theirs. Yet another reason for the Scots to hate the British. Whatever side of the border you’re on, they look as sharp as a pencil sharpened by a man who owns a pencil sharpener company. All 3 Wise Men dress shoes are leather lined and have a leather insole, the sole is also inset with long life rubber that helps with grip. These men's business shoes look great paired with a suit or dress trousers although some brogue styles can be dressed down with chinos for a more casual look. Browse the range and buy these men's shoes for the office online or in one of our stores.