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Our V neck superfine merino jersey collection features a huge range of colour options. Worn over any shirt, under a blazer or suit, the fine gauge merino is very versatile jersey that should be in every wardrobe. We suggest you own at least 3 colours!


19 V Neck

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19 V Neck

Three Wise Men's v neck jumpers are perfect to wear as a top layer and work particularly well with a collared shirt underneath. The v neck style allows the collar to sit comfortably and provides a nice contrast between the shirt fabric and the merino wool of the jumper. If you want to dress this style up, layer under a blazer or if it's a really cold wet and windy winter's day throw a winter coat or mac over the top.

Our v neck jumpers are made from machine washable 100% merino wool for the ultimate in comfort, style and practicality. Choose from the classic merino colours of black, navy or grey. Other colour options include a range of warm earthy tones to help you feel warmer.